Hey pregnant mommas - it's time to kiss those ugly hospital gowns goodbye!  Check out the company that's bringing style to your labor and delivery.

We all know how ugly those hospital gowns are.  And, when we're taking our very first picture with our new bundle of joy laying on our chest for the first time ever after giving birth, can we please do it in something other than an over-washed, ugly printed hospital issued gown?  YES WE CAN!  Thanks to James & Co., a new line of maternity hospital gowns that just launched Friday, we can bring our own stylish hospital gown with us to the hospital.  These gowns are equipped with all the right openings as a hospital issued gown, and they're hospital approved.  They're currently offering 4 different styles:

Would you purchase one of these stylish hospital gowns?  Or, is the hospital issued gown fine and not a big deal to you?