See 3 adorable kids' rooms with decals that don't come off tacky.

I'm typically not a fan of wall decals, however, these are some wall decals I can get down with.  I especially love the idea of wall decals on the wall above a crib or child's bed.  The fear of something falling off of the wall like a picture in a frame is a good reason to decal the wall above your kid's bed.  Living in Southern California, earthquakes are always top of mind when considering what to hang near my girls' beds.  And my girls love to jump on their beds and obviously have no regard for anything that might be hanging on the wall!

The gorgeous gold heart adds a little glam and sophistication to this nursery.  They used gold foil paint, but another option would be a gold foil wall decal like this one.  Either way, using gold leaf is super important to achieve the metallic finish.

I absolutely love the SLEEPING = BORING!  It's fun, and I think kids' rooms should be just that.  They used a charcoal grey on the walls like Benjamin Moore's Black Tar (Use the Natura Zero-VOC and Zero Emissions Paint finish for an environmentally and family safe paint).  You can special order the decals with this company as they carry modern fonts like the one in the picture.  A modern font is imperative to the effect of this wall decor.

Using small shaped decals to mimic wallpaper is budget friendly and non-permanent which is perfect for a growing child's room.  My daughter is almost 5, and I'm about to redecorate her room for the 3rd time.  As she grows and changes, so does her room.  You can buy these black triangle wall decals here, or there are many other options out there.  The key is to use small shapes and either put them up at random (some grouped together, and some off on their own), or follow a pattern and measure out the spacing for a more tailored look.

NurseryLana Karim