Typically, when we see pink nurseries they're soft, sweet, and babylike.  Well, I have some super rad, modern, hip, young, and successful clients that asked me to design a sophisticated and modern nursery for their baby girl.  The mama wanted some pink, and the daddy asked that the room not feel like a "baby's room."  

This space is filled with lots of luxe pieces and different shades of pink and coral.  And since they have a little toddler, I wanted a place for him to sit and hang while mom and dad tend to the baby -- how beautiful is that upholstered settee?!?!

I feel the chandelier and dresser are the stand-out anchors in the room that set the tone for everything else to follow.  

SOURCES:  Ballerina Holding Umbrella Art Print  //  Chandelier  //  Beautiful Art Print  //  Gold Lamp  //  Pink Bunny Bank  //  Adidas Hightop Sneaker Art Print  //  Pink + Gold Bow Jewelry Box  //  Gold Shell Dish  //  Dresser  //  White + Black Diamond Crib Sheet  //  Coral Faux Fur Pillow  //  Toddler Upholstered Settee  //  Metal, Brass-Finished Crib  //  Pink Throw Blanket  //  Rug  //  Chair with Brass Legs  //  Pink Polka Dot Ottoman  //  Coral + Brass Nightstand